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National ID Card Type 1

This card is a great standard ID card, with holographic overlay included as standard.

Your card is customised with your photo and signature. 

Front of card features scanned signature, ghosted secondary image, security watermark and microtext.

Reverse of card features a list of card details, microtext and a custom barcode.

You can choose what country details you want on the card, using the options provided on the order form.

This card, like all others is printed on top-of-the-line high definition plastic card printers and are far superior to any other cards available elsewhere.

Price: $35.00

With UV: $35.00

National ID Card Type 2

This card has been professionally designed, based on model national ID cards (not of any particular country)

With has numerous cutting edge features including microtext repeating pattern, scanned signature and graphics overlaid on photo, this card is impressive and well finished. It features an OCR machine readable card number underneath the photograph.

Reverse of the card has a small PDF barcode and machine readable unique card number.

The card is full colour both sides and has a our hologram overlay included FREE.

Price: $35.00

With UV: $35.00

Biometric Identity Card

The biometric ID card is an exceptionally well designed fake ID, with over 12000 individual elements.

Card features intricate wavy line security elements (just like on banknotes), and magnetic stripe with card data encoded.

It is also a fully machine readable card with all your details printed on the front of the card in machine readable OCR type.

Card comes as standard with holographic overlay.

Price: $35.00

With UV: $35.00


The EU ID card is a great card for citizens of the European Union, with multilingual translations of key elements.

Customisable parts include flag and country identifier, scanned signature and printed photo with secondary ghost image for security.

As with all out cards, the EU ID card features a free holographic overlay.

Price: $35.00

With UV: $35.00

Customisable College Card

The student card from fakeiduk is another top quality, customisable card. The name of the college on the card is customisable by you at the order stage.

Features include unique student number and barcode.

Reverse of card carries a magnetic.

How it works :

First choose a title :

e.g. "The University of" or "Mature Student" or "The Institute of"

Then choose an institution or course :

 Your choice of institution name, e.g. "Bridlington" or "Card" or "Economics"

For example, the above choices would give you

  • The University of Bridlington


  • Mature Student Card and


  • The Institute of Economics

We will refuse any cards that generate a name of an existing institution.

Price: $35.00

With UV: $35.00

International Student Card

The International Student Card from fakeiduk is a simple design with excellent features.

Full colour print both sides, custom barcode, scanned signatures all add up to a great low-cost fake ID.

Customisable fields include place of study, date of birth, scanned signature, flag choice and gender indicator.

Card comes as standard with a free custom holographic overlay.

Price: $35.00

With UV: $35.00

Intl. Student Society

The International Student Society card is a brand new custom design from fakeiduk.

You can customise the top line of the card (where it says "University Card" in the picture), to change to title of your choosing.

Other features include printed signature, magnetic stripe and are on reverse of card to sign your name.

Card comes with holographic overlay as standard for free.

Price: $35.00

With UV: $35.00

National Student Card

The National Student Card is a brand new design from fakeiduk for 2013.

It features a modern colourful design and a fully scannable magnetic stripe on the reverse.

Customise your card with place of study and student type information.

Card includes free hologram overlay as standard.

Price: $35.00

With UV: $35.00