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$25 UV Overlay $10 Extra

Customisable College Card

$25 UV Overlay $10 Extra

Quick Overview

The first card in our Standard range, this is a visually impressive and effective fake ID card. You can choose the name of any college to print as the card title*. As with our Premium cards, all Standard cards feature an intricate globe-design multispectral holographic overlay as standard. You can further upgrade your card by adding a UV layer, which is only revealed when the card is placed under a UV security light.

This Fake Student card is customised on both sides – on the front, you add your photo, date of birth and name, with a scanned or automatically generated signature printed on the reverse of the card. This card comes in a range of 10 subtle pastel colour combinations, and you can also add a custom title to the top of the card.

A detailed machine-scannable barcode on the front of the card contains information about your card. A magnetic stripe on the reverse of the card contains your cardholder data.

*You cannot order cards with names of existing colleges or educational institutions.

$25 UV Overlay $10 Extra

The student card from fakeiduk is another top quality, customisable card. The name of the college on the card is customisable by you at the order stage.

Features include unique student number and barcode.

Reverse of card carries a magnetic.

How it works :

First choose a title :

e.g. "The University of" or "Mature Student" or "The Institute of"

Then choose an institution or course :

 Your choice of institution name, e.g. "Bridlington" or "Card" or "Economics"

For example, the above choices would give you

  • The University of Bridlington


  • Mature Student Card and


  • The Institute of Economics

We will refuse any cards that generate a name of an existing institution.

Photo & Signature (printed on reverse)


Date of Birth – from 1980 onwards

Validity Date  (10 years from date of card issue)

Colour And Card title – change the title at the top of the card to a title of your choosing.

Premium Cards

National ID style fake ID cards



Standard Cards

Student style fake ID in over 40 colour choices