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Making your own fake ID for fun and entertainment purposes is an easy way to spend a few hours. Note that you will be unable to replicate the features of any modern ID card. It may be illegal to make a copy of an existing ID document. This article assumes that any card you are making is not a direct copy or attempt to copy or pass off an existing identity document. It is impossible to replicate any state or government issued identity card to any great level of success. There are simply too many anti-counterfeiting measures both overt and covert embedded in modern identity documents. Content lifted from Commercially available printing equipment employs Printer Steganography to trace and record the origin of any document printed on it. If you attempt to make an illegal fake ID at home, you will be caught for breaking the law. Let us assume that you wish to make an ID card from scratch.

What You Need


How do we start making a fake ID ?

How do we start making a fake ID ? You need a printer (preferably a colour laser printer) and some commercial grade paper stock. Use OEM ink or toner to ensure the best colour reproduction. You will need a copy of a recent head shot for the person you wish to make the Fake ID for. Scan this in or import from your smartphone. Content lifted from

Find a fake ID template you wish to use.

You can find fake ID templates on BitTorrent sites. Download using a BitTorrent client. Open the template in Illustrator or Photoshop. Edit the template, making sure to change all details and use a matching typeface. Content lifted from Print out the ID card Trim the edges down to fit. Use a craft knife or razor blade on a glass surface for best results. Glue both sides together and trim to fit. Laminate the card in a card laminator using commercially available laminate pouches. You now have wasted several hours to produce a shoddy reproduction ID card that wouldn't fool Stevie Wonder.