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Fake ID Card Templates

I’ve seen loads of complaints all over the internet that most fake ID sites are scams and they have only been set up to steal either people’s money or – more dangerously – people’s personal details. Some sites have previous for not sending an ID card after you’ve sent the cash, whilst others do send an ID card – but a very mediocre, low-quality one. The only alternative that many people go for is simple: making your own fake ID cards using ID card templates.

There are a lot of forums out on the web full of instructions on how to make fake ID cards using ID card templates. The unfortunate reality for many people making their own fake ID is:

a) If you are attempting to copy an existing ID card you are breaking the law

b) You probably won’t have the skills or equipment necessary to do it.

Firstly, here at Fake ID UK, we prioritise staying on the right side of the law and only using fake ID cards as novelty items – to impress your friends or pretend you work for a fake company like Reynholm Industries. If you follow a fake ID tutorial that recommends copying an existing ID card, not only will it take forever and more than likely look a shadow of the real thing, but it is highly illegal and you will have to face the consequences!

There are literally hundreds of fake ID tutorials out there, swearing by methods involving hologram butterfly pouches, reflective gold powder, special magnetic stripe cards, Alps Printers, and other exciting sounding stuff. The unfortunate fact is, in order to make your own fake IDs, you’ll need more than just flashy sounding buzzwords. Without the highly advanced skills, powerful software, impressive ID card templates and expensive high-definition printing equipment required to create professional-looking fake identification, it’s more than likely going to be a waste of time.