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Fake ID Scams

Fake ID Scams


There are a lot of fake ID scam sites out there. It’s a classic version of a scam that has been running for centuries:

1. Offer something that is illegal, and often too good to be true.

2. Base yourself in a remote country.

3. Scam people, rip them off – after all, they can’t catch you, and they can’t complain to the police.

This kind of fake ID scam has been operating for as long as the web has been around. To rip people off, all you need is a website, and an address to receive money, preferably far far away.

So, imagine you find a website offering illegal replica driving licences. Great! You order one, send off your personal details and photograph and signature to someone you don’t know. They then ask you to pay by Western Union to some person in a remote, far off place. Guess what? You’re not getting your fake driver’s licence – they’ve got your cash. Western Union is a great untraceable way to get payment, see this link for more info. Also see this Business Week article on the untraceable nature of Western Union. Bitcoin is similarly untraceable and is a favourite of fake ID scammers.

So what do you do now? You can complain on the internet, but who gives a shit? Your money is not coming back. The scammers just change their site from time to time, so even your attempts to badmouth the site won’t work for long.

You can’t complain to the police as what you were doing was illegal, you can’t complain to anyone who cares!

Sites that may not be scams


Fake ID scammers almost always offer illegal fake ID such as fake passports or driving licences. No one outside of governments has the ability to reproduce passports effectively. That leaves fake driving licences - there are only one or two sites out there that actually make fake driving licences. Of these, UK Fakes seems to be getting the best reviews on reddit's r/fakeiduk. Bear in mind UKFakes accepts bitcoin, we are not associated with them in any way and are not responsible for whatever happens to you if you deal with them! It is most likely illegal to own a fake driving licence - we are not responsible for any consequences of what you do!