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How To Pay For Cards

Fake ID Prices and discounts


Choose a different currency to see prices in that currency.

We offer top quality cards at already low prices, but you can get our cheap cards for as low as £5 per card, and our standard cards for as low as £6 per card if you order in bulk.

For prices larger quantities, please contact us.

All Payment Methods


Simply order all the cards using the online order form, and send the forms plus payment in one envelope.

You can choose different delivery addresses if you edit the form each time you order.

How you can pay:


If sending cash, please make sure the envelope is taped shut. Do not send cash in a window envelope or one that is easy to see through. If your order gets stolen in the post, which does happen, you will lose your money and you won’t get your card.

We recommend sending cash payments by signed for post.

Do not send coins in the post. You will not get your order if you send coins!


We accept cheque payments that are made out to “PRINT“. Please date the cheque on the day you are sending it. Do not post-date cheques without consulting us first.

Please make sure the cheque is signed and dated the day you are sending it to us.

All cheque payments are subject to a 7 working day delay until they clear. If you deliberately bounce a cheque on us you won’t get your card and your bank will fine you about £25.

If you want your card quickly, pay by cash or postal order.

Postal Orders

Please buy uncrossed postal orders, with the payee section blank. This means there is no name written in on the postal order.

Keep the counterfoil and receipt for the postal order, so you can redeem it if it gets lost in the post.

Money Orders

Please make money orders out to “PRINT“.

A Note on Different Currency Payments:


Please pay in the currency of your country. We reserve the right to deduct a processing fee from anyone attempting this, equal to the amount received. We will only process applications that are paid for in the currency of the recipient’s country.