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Fake ID Legislation

Fake ID Legislation


Note : None, none, absolutely none of the following constitutes legal advice. If you are concerned about anything, consult a solicitor or lawyer.

In the United Kingdom, the legislation governing identity cards is largely contained in the Identity Documents Act 2010 (PDF), which repealed elements of the earlier 2006 Act that covered the failed National ID Card scheme. Section 4 of this act covers the possession of false identity documents with improper intention. Section 7 defines the meaning of an identity document for the purposes of Sections 4,5 and 6 of the Identity Cards Act 2010.

It is an offence to manufacture, possess, procure, supply or utter a counterfeit or altered state issued document such as a driving licence or passport.

Identity cards provided by do not fall under the definition of "identity document" as described in the relevant acts. Cards feature a non-removeable, indelible disclaimer making this distinction on the reverse of cards.

For the law pertaining to Identity Cards, illegal fake ID cards and ID cards in general worldwide, please consult the legislation applicable in your jurisdiction.