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$35 UV Overlay $10 Extra

National ID Card Type 1

$35 UV Overlay $10 Extra

Quick Overview

The top of the range Fake ID card packed with high-tech features and incredible HD glossy card printing.

The unique two-tone design is available in 10 different colour choices. Add your own photo and hand drawn signature (or choose from our signature generator). The front of this card features a scanned signature, photo with date of birth overlay, custom flag option, security watermark and microtext.

The reverse of the card has a grid for your card biometric data, including issue & expiry date and microtext machine-readable serial number.

A detailed multi-spectrum hologram overlay is applied to the front side of your card as standard, free of charge.

Your card can be further enhanced by choosing a detailed ultraviolet overlay which activates under UV light.

$35 UV Overlay $10 Extra

This card is a great standard ID card, with holographic overlay included as standard.

Your card is customised with your photo and signature. 

Front of card features scanned signature, ghosted secondary image, security watermark and microtext.

Reverse of card features a list of card details, microtext and a custom barcode.

You can choose what country details you want on the card, using the options provided on the order form.

This card, like all others is printed on top-of-the-line high definition plastic card printers and are far superior to any other cards available elsewhere.

Photo & Signature


Date of Birth – from 1980 onwards

Place of Birth – can be your real one, or choose somewhere exotic!

Address – you can use your real address or make one up – it’s up to you

Issue Date & Expiry Date (10 years from card issue)

Colour And Card title – change “National Identification” to a title of your choosing.

Nationality Flag – The EU flag is optional and can be removed.

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