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$25 UV Overlay $10 Extra

University Style Card

$25 UV Overlay $10 Extra

Quick Overview

This is a clean, simple and modern Student Style Fake ID. Like all other Premium and Standard cards, it comes complete with a security hologram overlay. An optional UltraViolet overlay panel can be added to both sides of the card. You can customise the card title – so you can replace “University Card” with whatever text you want. The University Card is available in 10 pastel colour choices.

A simple grid design featuring diagonal line accents makes this card visually striking. Add your photo via upload, and either write your own signature or select a computer generated one from our order form.  Choose your “Attending” field for additional card information.

This card is feature packed – a detailed Code 39 barcode encodes your card number and other details. Select your card issue date and a term of validity of 10 years is automatically added to the card.

$25 UV Overlay $10 Extra

The University Style Card is a brand new custom design from

You can customise the top line of the card (where it says "University Card" in the picture), to change to title of your choosing.

Other features include printed signature, magnetic stripe and are on reverse of card to sign your name.

Card comes with holographic overlay as standard for free.

Photo & Signature


Place of Study (Attending)

Date of Birth – from 1980 onwards

Issue Date

Colour And Card title – change the title at the top of the card to a title of your choosing.

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