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£25 UV Overlay £5 Extra

National ID Card Type 2

£25 UV Overlay £5 Extra

Quick Overview

This card is a highly detailed design, produced by skilled designers experienced in creating anti-counterfeit, high-security ID cards.

Made up of over 6,000 individual fine elements, this card is visually impressive and packed with effective design features. It’s available in 10 different colour combinations. Customise it with your own card title if you want – you can replace “NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION” with any title of your choosing, free of charge.

The card also features machine-readable text and a scanned signature. Upload your own photo and draw your own signature (or choose from one made by our signature generator).

As with all our cards, a durable hologram overlay is bonded to the front of your card when printing. You can upgrade your card by adding an impressive UltraViolet overlay.

£25 UV Overlay £5 Extra