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Where to Get Fake ID: UK & Worldwide Fake ID Sites

There are four types of fake ID sites you can find on the net:


Trusted, reliable UK based sites (like this one)

These sites are not scams, and have been in business for several years with no problems with deliveries. You can trust that you will receive your ID cards back from sites in this category.

All sites in this category offer legal novelty cards.

Trusted, reliable UK based sites (like

Other UK sites offering fake IDs (status unknown)

You might find other sites selling legal, novelty fake ID cards. If you do, just read the fake id scams page to check if they are genuine or not.

Sites reselling fake ID

Some websites resell their fake ID cards to other individuals, these are just as reliable as the sites that provide the ID cards in the first place. Sometimes you'll see the same site designs being re-used, this is just another sign that things may not be as they seem.

American Sites providing fake American driving licenses etc.

These can sometimes be run by scammers, as there is no way you can get away with making fake ID in the US anymore. It’s probably an unpatriotic terror offence too, you may end up in Guantanamo with all the other ‘freedom haters’. Sites with "chief" in the name are likely to be scams, trying to cash in on the name of "ID Chief" a China based manufacturer of fake ID cards, that did actually provide cards.

Sites offering illegal UK fake ID

Sites offering UK fake ID cards, like UK driving licences. These are 99% likely to be scams as you have no-one to complain to if they rip you off. There have been a spate of these websites over the last few years, all with the similar site design. There are several scammers taking western union or bitcoin for fake driving licences, which is totally untraceable if you get ripped off.

If for some reason, after reading that, you'd like to push on regardless and get a fake driving licence, we must caution that the vast majority of sites offering fake driving licences are scams.








From looking at Reddit UK Fake ID Subreddit fake id review site, the only site that seems to actually deliver some sort of product that looks close to a driving licence is

We are not associated with in any way and are not responsible for any repercussions arising from you doing business with them.








for example this positive review on reddit /r/fakeiduk/ This does not consitiute any kind of advice or recommendation.  Read this page for some more information on fake driving licence scammers.

How to avoid being scammed


How not to get scammed:

  • Just remember, if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.
  • Look for websites that have a real address, not a post office box.
  • Look for sites that accept cheques, money orders and credit cards. Sites that accept this kind of payment are not scams. Western Union is not traceable and they won’t help you if you get scammed.
  • Be wary of sites that ask for money to be sent somewhere far away
  • Email the site first, if they don’t reply or send a template reply, this might be a bad sign.
  • Above all, use your common sense, and if something seems fishy, don’t risk your hard earned cash on it!

Complaints Sites / Fake ID Forums

  • Complaints : Please note that this site can be full of misleading information, nutters and miscreants.
  • reddit /r/fakeid : this seems to be a well moderated forum for fake ID buyers and sellers